Red Door Saloon

The Red Door Saloon, located in Destin, is just a great local bar. It is located steps away from the harbor in Destin. It sits up on the hill a bit, and you can recognize it by its American flags and purple railing. Although this Florida beach bar is not located on the edge of the water, it is a great little bar.

You can feel that it is a popular bar with the locals. The bartender told us this was true, but sitting up on this hill and looking out on the harbor we thought that visitors to Destin would love this Florida beach bar too.

The food is good, but it is just sandwiches and handheld food. There is no live music, and we love a bar with live music. Despite these two “flaws”, we loved this Florida beach bar. They have happy hour every day, and every day the times and offers vary. You can go back every day and try a different special at this Florida beach bar.

When you go take note of the tops of the bars. They are covered with embedded pennies. It is very attractive and presents a different kind of look.

Open Daily 11am to 2am